Research Interest

My research aims better to understand the inaccessible parts of the Earth's Interior. I am interested in many issues, such as chemical compositions, mineral constitutions, and the thermal structure of Earth's present interior. I also wish to know how the interior structures were initiated at the beginning of Earth's history and how they developed to their present states. In order to reach these goals, I have been determining the physical and chemical properties of Earth's constituents.

The Earth's interior is under extremely high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. Therefore, conducting high-pressure-temperature experiments is essential. Our primary tool is the large-volume multi-anvil press (MAP). Although many high-pressure researchers adopt the diamond anvil cell (DAC) as their primary tool, we adopt the MAP because of its high reliability: the pressures and temperatures are more precise, stable, and homogeneous by one order of magnitude than DAC, and obtained results are highly reproducible. In addition to the excellence of MAP itself, we have the following advanced LVP technologies in contrast to most MAP laboratories globally. Details are explained in separate pages.

Using these special techniques, we conduct unique research about the high P-T properties of geomaterials, leading to profound insights into the Earth and planetary interiors. The followings are particular research topics whose details are explained on each page.